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Understanding solar warranties

Posted by Zenernet on August 28, 2019 at 4:46 PM

Lots of solar panel providers claim to have great warranties - here's how to tell which ones back it up.

A great warranty is an extremely important aspect of a solar deal. Even with the best of installers, using the best equipment, accidents and defects happen, and the roof over your head is no place to gamble on good fortune. By nature, a rooftop solar panel installation involves drilling lots of holes in your roof beams. It doesn’t take a particularly vivid imagination to conjure up the type of undesirable situations that can result from that kind of process. 

Now, that’s not to scare you away from going solar (that would be awfully counterproductive of us) - rather, it’s to show how important it is to go solar with a company that offers a truly comprehensive and ironclad warranty. Damage and defects are quite rare, and, with our quality-focused installation process, they’re even more rare. With our preferred mounting hardware, QuickMount PV, for instance, a roof leak has yet to occur as a result of one of their 13+ million mounts. Even so, we want to make triple-certain that your installation and your roof are well covered in the event of an accident. 

Our available warranties are unrivaled in the industry. When you go solar with Zenernet, you’re eligible for across-the-board 25-year warranties covering both manufacturer defects and workmanship.

The difference between a manufacturer’s warranty and a workmanship warranty is a crucial one to understand. A manufacturer’s warranty only covers a component itself, while a workmanship warranty covers parts AND labor. If a component only covered by a manufacturer’s warranty fails, you’ll need to hire someone to come install that part for you. In addition, a workmanship warranty protects against damage caused by or during the installation, while a manufacturer’s warranty only covers a component itself, not the roof it’s installed on. 

When you’re shopping for solar, make sure to understand the nuts and bolts of the warranties protecting your home and system. Ask your solar consultant if the system you’re considering includes a workmanship warranty, and be sure to understand how long any warranties are in effect.

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